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Cars Break Down...

Cars break down! It happens to all of us at some point or another. Rich or poor, single or married, young or old this is going to happen to you if you are a car owner. There are entire careers, schools, teachers, families and businesses supported by the "simple" fact that: Cars Break Down. Think of all the various avenues in how this mishap supports so much of the economy. But if this fact is indeed so simple, why does it cause so much havoc in the life of the owner of the car? The answer is as simple as the fact itself. The lack of preparation.

Imagine with me for a moment. When you purchased the car, the salesman and the finance officer offered to SELL you all kinds of upgrades and protections for your car. All for the high probability that this brand new man-made car will have a mechanical failure at some point. What would you have said to them? No, not mine; it's perfect! How about if you bought your car directly from the previous owner? You trusted them to have remembered or to have been forthcoming in all of the sounds and "feelings" the car had been giving them previously. Now fast forward in your mind,and add to the car's current driving habits how you will add cross country road trips, potholes and traffic-filled driving! CARS BREAK DOWN.

But with the right amount of preparation beforehand, any of us can face anything. Remember, the man without a plan will ALWAYS be subject to the man with one. I'm saying, plan for car breaking down! When you buy a car, from a lot, a website or even an individual, put money aside for repairs. Every month just like you do car insurance. Whatever you're paying the insurance company, pay yourself IN A SEPARATE SAVINGS ACCOUNT ten percent. Repeat this until you get enough saved for a major repair. What is a major repair to you for your car may be $500-$2000. Preferably before you sign your name, but definitely by week 1 of this car purchase, go to an auto store and price items needed for a typical repair. Then call a shop and ask questions!

If you have prepared for the rain to come and once it does, it feels more like a warm spring shower than a tsunami. Life's rain is going to fall on every one of us. What you do in it, shapes your life. Solid preparation for the expected things, make you sing in the rain or flee for shelter. Which do you want to be; a singer or one who flees?

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Until next week, may we continue to be Blessed so that we may be a Blessing.

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