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The Power of Good Advice.


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Available Services

The difference in the words BECOMING and BEING is the COME.

Here's how we can get you there.

Life/Family Coaching

We teach you or your group Life Skills in a structured setting focusing on topics such as the mechanics of money, family relationships and earning pathways.

Financial Optimization

A curriculum based approach to teaching ALL THINGS MONEY & CREDIT USE; via books in print, budgets, saving/investing, establishing, maintaining, and repairing.

Small Business Development

Individual coaching on transitioning out of your corporate job and becoming a business owner, business plan development or assistance with securing funding.


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About Us

The purpose of this company is to help people who are transitioning in life. Life is ever evolving and this company is a safe place to help you navigate. If you are leaving the corporate world to start your dream of entrepreneurship, new to "ADULTING", or maybe even new to single life/parenthood, you need to have an executable game plan/Coach/Transition Specialist on your side to spare you the costly mistakes that are waiting to be made due to a simple lack of knowledge!
This company was started by a former teenage single mom, turned Bill Collector, Tax Preparer, BBA recipient majoring in Business Finance, Securities Investor, Insurance Agent, Financial Coach, Teacher, Writer, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.
Let me put ALL of these decades of professional  and life experiences to work for YOU.
This company exists to help individuals and groups go after their dreams or into their "NEXT" in life with the support of wisdom and sound coaching.  You don't have to walk through the forests with a blindfold on anymore. COME to your rightful place, in power!

Client Testimonials

K. Gibbs - LA Native

"...While waiting for my credit scores to change, she also helped me construct a budget...Now I can save and maintain stability for my future...when you stick with it, it changes you and your pockets!"

S. Beard - Religious Leader

"...the seminars taught our members to properly manage money and resources...empowered them to make the right financial decisions...teaching them to eliminate debt, build wealth, and to give to other causes..."

A Small Business Owner

"...YES!  This is exactly what I needed.  I need to focus on doing the business to grow it and let someone else focus on the paperwork to grow it..."


Our Typical Clients Include:

College Students
High School Reps.
Middle School Reps.
Adult School Reps.
Family Group Events
Parents of young "adults"
Religious Groups
Single/divorcing parents
Young Adults
Career Professionals in transition
New Small Business Owners
Start-up Prospectors

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Email & Phone:

Tel: 678-394-9459
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